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In 1968, the New Zealand Paraplegic & Physically Disabled Federation (now Paralympics New Zealand) was formed, as the National Sports Organisation for people with physical disabilities, to enable an official team to represent New Zealand at the 1968 Paralympic Games in Israel.

Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) is affiliated to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) as the National Paralympic Committee responsible for Paralympic sports in New Zealand, and is recognised by Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC) as the National Sports Organisation for disabled athletes. Paralympics New Zealand is a not for profit organisation with charitable status.



Paralympics New Zealand has a vision of: Inspiring New Zealand disabled athletes to become medal winning Paralympians.

And a mission: To provide leadership that enhances all aspects of performance to achieve Paralympic sporting performance

This vision and mission underpin all the work that Paralympics New Zealand undertake.

Paralympics New Zealand is a high performance sporting organisation and that is the focus of their operations. However PNZ also is involved in supporting ParaFeds and sport specific organisations to develop their capability and capacity to offer sporting opportunity to people with physical disability. This creates greater opportunity and pathways for prospective athletes to develop within their sport to the highest level of their ability.

Paralympics New Zealand also supports the development athletes through their targeted talent development programme Xccelerate to Xcellence. This programme identifies talented athletes and assists them through pairing them with high level coaches and support services.

On an international scale, Paralympics New Zealand provides athletes with access to a host of international competitions, including World Championships and the Winter and Summer Paralympic Games. PNZ organise, fund, outfit and support New Zealand teams to ensure they are best prepared to win on the world stage.


In 2008, 40 years after a New Zealand team first attended a Paralympic Games, Paralympics New Zealand sent a team of 30 athletes to Beijing, China, to compete at the summer Paralympic Games. They returned with 5 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals.


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